Hardy Ultralite SR 7'6#4 6 delt

Jeg bytter stenger ofte for å få testet det jeg selger. Nå selger jeg min favorittstang for lett ørretfiske. Kjempegøy stang!

TilbudNOK4 250,00 Førpris:NOK8 499,00 Rabatt -50% inkl. mva.


Small rivers often require purpose built rods to fish them to their true potential. The best small river rods are compact to be manageable in tight quarters, and delicate enough to make casts with subtle presentation. The Hardy Ultralite SR series of rods are perfect for those small rivers- offering a crisp rod that protects light tippets and gives you a forgiving, easy loading action for the accuracy and control you need in a small river or stream. The range includes 6-piece packing rods for hiking great distances off the trail.

  • Sintrix NSX construction
  • Optimum blend of finesse and power for small stream techniques
  • Ceramic lined titanium recoil guides
  • lightweight reel seat
  • Supplied in a hard travel tube