The GreenVelvet #7 intermediate

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length: 30 m/98 ft
head: 10,9 m/ 35 ft
#7 - 16g

Sinking rate Intermediate: 1.3 IPS

Availabel in: #3-10Float, #5-10Intermediate


The new GreenVelvet is an improved version of our popular Ghost fly lines. With a belly of 10,9meter this line is designed to assure stuning presentation on the water. Long and smooth flights, tight loops and little water disturbance when landing and stripping your fly!


The improved second version of our Compact fly lines offers:

  • a handling zone of 4 meter to guarantee stable flights and better durability.
  • a smoother transition towards the tip for better presentations.
  • the best premium coating available for fly lines on the marked.


The GreenVelvet guarantees most effective fishing and effortless casting like you have never experienced before!


Our Microdiameter Flylines (MD) have the thinnest available running line on the marked! The lower diameter of our MD fly lines offers the following benefits:

  • Effortless casting also in windy conditions.
  • Longer casts due to less resistance against guides and wind.
  • More space on your reel.



All our Products are equipped with a unique colour code, that easily lets you identify the fly line on your fly reel. The colour on the running line of our fly lines lets you determine the weight class; the belly of each fly line lets you identify the model and sinking speed of your fly line. Never struggle to identify unreadable small laser codes again!