SA Volantis Mastery camo

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Volantis Integrated Full Intermediate Clear Camo

NOK 899,00

How can something be clear and camouflaged? That’s easy. We took a mottled core, doused it with our new, supple clear coating creating the perfect stealthy line. The Volantis Clear Camo simply disappears beneath the surface, and features an intermediate sink rate to tempt fish sitting just below the chop.

  • Compact and powerful integrated shooting head
  • Load rods quickly with minimal false casts
  • Cut through the wind with ease, and turn over all types of flies
  • Vibrantly colored tracer aids in identifying the back of the head at distance or in low light conditions
  • Single-strand monofilament core
  • Full intermediate line
  • Designed and developed by Flyfish Europe

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